“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” 

Greek Proverb

Capital Stewardship Partners was created and launched by Sean Rogers in 2017.  At the time the legal name of the firm was Rogers Wealth Management Services, LLC.  Sean, who had been working in the financial services industry for about 10 years at the time was disturbed and even disgusted by what he saw happening in the world in general and the financial industry in particular.  

From his perspective, a myopic focus on economic gains at any cost at the global, national, corporate, and household levels were bankrupting human health, the natural world, and the integrity of our societal culture.  He didn’t want to be a willing participant in this destructive process but wasn’t clear about what his path to vocational authenticity should actually look like.

With hesitance, Sean thought about the problems he saw and considered leaving the industry several times with doubt that a career in this space could be congruent with his values.  On the flip side of that same coin, however, he had significant knowledge and experience in the world of personal finance – an area of our lives that is unquestionably important.  

With that in mind he started thinking about how he might be able to influence the flow of financial capital in a way that would prove to be genuinely beneficial to his clients and the world around them.  He rebranded the firm, now operating as Capital Stewardship Partners, with the intention of helping clients to think about and use their financial capital in service to something far greater and more noble than the accumulation of financial wealth for wealth’s sake.


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