Noah Wolthuis

Personal Background

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read my bio! I was born and raised in a small town in southwest Michigan where I graduated high-school and ran around with a group of close friends. I graduated from Central Michigan University in the spring of 2019 with a degree in personal financial planning. I currently reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my soon to be wife and two dogs, all three of which keep me very busy. But that’s just fine with me.

Hobbies and Interests

  • I love spending my weekends with good friends, good family, good food, and good drink
  • Football is my sport of choice, if it wasn’t for the Detroit Lions letting me down every Sunday I’m not sure what I would do with all that extra time
  • Upland bird hunting behind two French Brittanys, or Epagnuel Bretons for those who speak French
  • Reading up on financial planning topics and practices
  • Staying fit and living a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Wildlife habitat conservation

Professional Background

I began my career journey immediately after high-school where I spent a couple of years working in the family trade/business of concrete construction. After some self reflection and realization, I decided my talents and personal interests could be better utilized in a different industry. I packed my bags and headed north to study personal financial planning at Central Michigan University. During my studies I sharpened my technical skills and knowledge around the financial planning profession. I waited anxiously for graduation and my first job opportunity to show off what I had learned and my shiny new degree. I landed a job working as a Junior Advisor for an independent broker dealer who focused primarily on investment management.

It did not take long for me to realize that what I was doing was not financial planning, but instead I was a glorified sales assistant who worked at a company that masqueraded themselves as “Financial Advisors”. All of my knowledge and talent that I developed through my studies was not being implemented in a way that was truly benefiting the firms clients. This experience was significant nonetheless, it shed light on what I consider to be the not so savory facet of the financial services industry. I decided that if I truly wanted to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals in a conflict free environment it would take a change of scenery and a company that held the same beliefs that I did. I was lucky to find and begin my journey at Capital Stewardship Partners in May of 2020 where I can now make an impactful change and provide a valuable service to our clients.

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