Value-aligned, Competent, Conflict-Free Advice
and Services for Gen X & Millennials

The Right Firm.

The Right Advisor.

The Right Service Model and Fee Structure For Your Needs.

We have given a great deal of thought to who we want work with, how to best serve those clients, and how to structure a compensation arrangement that eliminates conflicts of interest and represents a fair exchange of value. If you are a Gen-Xer or Millennial seeking out financial advice we want to earn the opportunity to serve you.

The diagram above was designed to help both the firm and our clients understand how we can best serve them and deliver the most optimal exchange of value based on their unique circumstances. We view this from two broad perspectives.

  1. The client’s level of affluence, financial complexity, & potential value creation
  2. The client’s willingness, ability, and behavioral propensity as it relates to the development and execution of their financial strategy

While it is a simple illustration, there is quite a bit to unpack in figuring out where you may fit in this framework. We would love to help you do that in a complimentary consultation.

If you aren’t ready to jump into a consultation at the moment, please spend more time learning about our fee-only financial planning and investment management related offerings: