Fee-Only, Virtual, On-Demand, Hourly Financial Planning

Access affordable, competent, conflict-free advice via video chat – one meeting at a time.

How it works

On-demand consulting is made available to individuals, families, trusts, estates, and businesses that wishto receive advice, services, or education without committing to an ongoing relationship with the firm.

The scope of our on-demand consulting work may include education, advice, and services in areas such as setting up an appropriate planning process and environment, financial organization, creation and analysis of financial statements and forecasts, goal setting, budgeting, risk management, employee benefit selection, debt management, retirement planning, college savings, asset allocation, investment management, income tax planning, estate planning, and business strategy & planning.

Clients can engage the firm for virtual consulting sessions by purchasing one session at a time or packages of sessions.


What It Costs

On-demand consulting is offered at a rate of $300 per 75 minute session. Clients may purchase packages of two (2) or four (4) sessions and receive a 10% or 15% discount respectively.

Fees for this service may be paid by electronic funds transfer. Fees are due in advance of services delivered. We will not accept prepayment for services greater than six months in advance of the work performed.

This service may be terminated within 10 days’ notice. Upon termination of any agreement, the fee will be pro-rated and any unearned fee will be refunded to the client.


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