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Catalyst En Masse is a place for motivated Gen-Xers and Millennials to go for financial education, empowerment, and encouragement. It is a community of like-minded people with similar interests and questions combined with articles, videos, tutorials, checklists, and even courses related to creating and managing a personalized financial plan over time.

Why Catalyst En Masse?

Because this isn’t
entirely true…

Catalyst En Masse is a platform that we have decided to build because there is a massive disconnect between the financial services industry and its incentive to serve the public (especially Gen X and Millennials) in a competent and reverent way. The truth is, that as a whole, the financial services industry is extremely unprofessional. This relates to a combination of the barriers to entry for participation in the industry and misaligned financial incentives that put all too many advisors and their clients on the opposite side of the table from one another.

Of course there are subsets of the industry with higher standards that have formed and continue to grow.  For example the CFP Board has developed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification with rigorous requirements for education, examination, and experience combined with a meaningful code of ethics.  According to this CNBC article, however, only 1 in 4 financial advisors is a CFP® professional.  Worse, there are more CFP® professionals over the age of 70 than under the age of 30.

Further, of the 25% of the industry that are CFP® professionals with a high level of competence and experience, guess who their target client is?  I’ll give you a hint – not Gen-Xers or Millennials with relatively small investment portfolios in comparison to baby boomers.  The financial incentive just isn’t there. Call it greed or simply the outcome of a structural flaw. Either way, you deserve better and we are prepared to deliver accordingly.

As a CFP® professional and member of the XY Planning Network, I have made a serious commitment to delivering competent, conflict-free (fee-only) financial planning and investment management services to Gen-X and Millennial clients regardless of age, income, investable assets, or net worth.  Is it less financially profitable than just focusing on working with baby boomers that have $1M+ to invest?  Absolutely.  But we believe that we have an obligation to address the unmet needs of our peers.  With that in mind we have developed a framework that is both affordable to our clients and profitable to the firm through the innovative development and delivery of our intellectual capital.  The cost of receiving information, advice, and services from us ranges from $Free to $10,000+ per year.  So whether you are young, broke, and just getting started or very well positioned financially, we hope that you will join our community and consider allowing us to earn a seat at the table as your trusted source of personal finance related information and advice.

For more about who we are, what we stand for, and who we serve, click here.

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How It Works

The platform is free to join and you can access all of our content from your computer or on the go via iOS or Android smartphone apps.

The truth is that we have already started and plan to continue creating and giving away a ton of very valuable content – for free. All you have to do to access it is is go to the firm website or Sean Rogers, CFP®’s website. That alone will help to provide you with a lot of quality information related to creating and maintaining your own financial plan and also find information on a number of relevant financial planning topics such as getting financially organized, building a budget and/or income statement, building a personal balance sheet, cash flow management, debt management, estate planning, income taxes, retirement planning, investing, and more.

You can go a step further by joining our community (no charge) and getting these additional benefits:

  • Have access to a community of like minded individuals that are in a similar season of life (our target audience are Gen X and Millennials – ages 25 – 55) that are thinking about and asking many of the same things that you are around personal finance.
  • Use our integrated platform for a single point of access to all of our thoughts, ideas, and content.
  • Access expanded commentary and conversation related to our articles, videos, podcasts, and other publicly available material.
  • [coming soon] Access to robust courses, tutorials, and tools related to creating and managing your personal financial plan over time.
  • Access our Ask Us Anything (AUA) forum to see what questions are being asked by our clients and how we are responding to them.
  • Receive preferred status for Podcast Q&A submitted to XY$Radio.
  • Receive Invite only access to exclusive events and meetups.
  • Access to private niche groups like the Capital Stewardship Book Club and more.

If you want more information or would like to speak to us directly before joining the community you can schedule a complimentary initial consultation by clicking here.

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